Timber Milling

Whether you have a single windblown tree or plan to have a number of trees felled for timber, we can bring the mobile mill to suit your needs.

The Trekasaw is a mobile bandsaw that produces boards and is suited to larger trees, while the Lucas Mill is a radial saw for making beams and posts. 

You probably have plans for your timber. Maybe you'd like boards to make in to a kitchen table, or maybe you'd like us to build you a timber frame porch or balcony from your own trees? Whatever your situation, just give us a call to find out what your options are.

Equally, if you would like to sell a tree we are interested to hear of anything that has a straight length of at least 2m and approx diameter of at least 1m

For all milling enquiries contact Danny Fleck: 07938352532 or Rob Fleck: 07719149362

The Lucas Mill, sawing oak beams.

The Trekka Saw, producing oak boards.

The Trekka Saw, producing oak boards.